The Stained Glass Dog Team

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 5.45.31 PMThe Stained Glass Dog Team, The Enduring Mystery Behind a Craftsman’s Contribution to the History of Seattle

“It dates from about 1910 and until some time in the 1980s it was part of the Alaskan Cigar Store in the building that was originally the old Arctic Club. Two companion stained glass pieces are still there, but they are less interesting.”

With that bit of information, sent via email in reply to an inquiry, the search was on for the history of the compelling image of a sled dog team created in stained glass which once graced the entryway to a renowned Seattle hotel. Over the span of several years, the author researched the era, visited the site and the museum where the stained glass dog team is now housed, and eventually pieced together a fascinating and little-known part of the history of Seattle, and of Alaska.

Klondike SledsThe story involves two social organizations, three hotels, and peripheral forays into the Klondike gold rush, the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, and Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry. With dozens of photographs and images, the patchwork history comes together to offer a fascinating look at the unique forces which helped shape the city of Seattle and the futures of Alaska and the Yukon Territory.

The Stained Glass Dog Team

"The Stained Glass Dog Team, The Enduring Mystery Behind a Craftsman's Contribution to the History of Seattle," by Helen Hegener, published by Northern Light Media, 2014. 90 pages, full color, ISBN-13: 978-1500498443, ISBN-10: 1500498440. $20.00 plus $5.00 for First Class shipping.