Appetite and Attitude with Lance Mackey

Appetite and Attitude: A Conversation with Lance Mackey

In 2008 Northern Light Media produced the documentary Appetite and Attitude: A Conversation with Lance Mackey, about the world’s preeminent long distance sled dog racer, who made racing history when he won two 1,000 mile races back-to-back, the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod, with most of the same dogs – an incredible feat of endurance, long considered almost impossible, which changed how mushers think about what their dogs are capable of achieving. Lance then went on to win both races a total of four times each, including an unprecedented four straight Iditarod wins: 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. He is truly one of the greatest mushers who ever lived.

An excerpt from an early review of this DVD said, “For die hard Lance fans, like myself, its mesmerizing. He is amazingly candid and open. He offers up insights about the sport that few of us would imagine. He tells us a lot about his own thinking and how he processes observations of dog and musher behaviors.” -Sarida Steed-Bradley, Texas

Larry, by Northern Light Media

Lance’s indomitable lead dog, Larry, is the only dog in the world to win the coveted Golden Harness Award from both of these grueling races. For his achievements Lance was nominated for a 2007 ESPY – Excellence in Sports Performance Award, and in 2008 he was named Sports Illustrated’s#2 Toughest Athlete in the World.

Lance, a cancer survivor, comes from a family of sled dog racing champions. His father Dick Mackey helped create the world’s most famous race, the 1,049 mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, in 1973. Five years later his father won the race by one second in a world-famous photo finish.

Lance makes his home – Comeback Kennels – near Fairbanks, Alaska. In this video Lance talks about his dogs, his races, his family legacy and his dreams for the future! Videography by Donna Quante (producer of Pretty Sled Dogs and other videos) brings a professional touch to this very special video.

DVD: Appetite & Attitude: Lance Mackey

"Appetite & Attitude: A Conversation with Lance Mackey."  45 minute HD-DVD. $24.95 plus $5.00 for First Class shipping.


YouTube preview clips from the 2008 DVD

Appetite and Attitude

A Conversation with Lance Mackey

Vintage Lance. From what he worries

about on the trail to what’s hard and what’s easy…

2008 Iditarod Champion Lance Mackey and his sled dog Handsome, discussing how some of his team goes back to his father’s dogs.

Lance talks about how to beat his competitors, his team, and what he’s figured out about winning races.

Lance shares his strategy and how he looks at what it takes to win in this preview.