May-June 2020

May-June 2020 Alaskan History Magazine

In this issue: The 1935 Matanuska Colony Project • 1918 Influenza Epidemic • Pioneer Packhorses • Stephen Birch and the Kennecott Copper Company • Hyder Blockhouse • Archdeacon of the Yukon Hudson Stuck • and much more!


The May-June, 2020 issue of Alaskan History Magazine features article is about the 1935 government social experiment known as the Matanuska Colony Project, which brought 200 farm families to Palmer.

Also included in this issue is a unique historic look at the 1918 influenza epidemic from the Alaskan legislature; the pioneering packhorse trip of the English journalist E. J. Glave and the cowboy trailblazer Jack Dalton, from the coast near Haines to the upper reaches of Kluane Lake.

The story of Stephen Birch, founder of the Kennecott Copper Company, and the infamous Alaska Syndicate is told; along with the wide-ranging travels of Archdeacon Hudson Stuck, who ministered via dog team and riverboat across the northern reaches of the Alaska territory, and the history of an unusual stone storehouse built in 1896 in Hyder, on the border of Alaska and Canada, and additional regular columns make this another wonderful and wide-ranging exploration of Alaskan history!