March-April 2020

March-April 2020 Alaskan History Magazine

In this issue: Early Valdez • Eadweard Muybridge in Alaska • The Boundary Dispute • James Taylor White on the ‘Bear’ • “Yellowstone” Kelly, an Indian Scout in Alaska • Mary Joyce’s 1,000 mile sled dog trip • and much more!


The March-April, 2020 issue of Alaskan History Magazine features stories and photographs of the earliest settlers at Valdez, and the famous Eadweard Muybridge’s photographs of southeastern Alaska and Sitka for the Department of the Army provide a fascinating look at the area barely six months after the transferral ceremony of the land purchased from Russia by the U.S. government. Another article explores the contentious disagreement over the geographic boundaries between the southeastern part of the territory of Alaska and the province of British Columbia, whose foreign affairs were still under British authority. 

Dr. Gary Stein shares letters penned in 1894 by physician James Taylor White, who wrote them to his mother while serving as surgeon aboard the U.S. Revenue Cutter Bear, under Captain Michael A. Healy. Dr. White described the journey, the land, and the people, and shared his personal opinions about what he saw on his Arctic travels. 

Dr. Thomas Eley writes of the adventurous Luther Sage “Yellowstone” Kelly, an Indian scout from the Old West whose wide travels in Alaska helped write our state’s history. The founding and settling of the gold rush town of Valdez, and the 1,000 mile sled dog journey of Taku Lodge owner Mary Joyce, from Juneau to Fairbanks in the winter of 1936, round out this issue!