Jan-Feb 2020

Jan-Feb 2020 Alaskan History Magazine

This issue includes The Chilkoot Pass • Ella Rhodes Higginson • The Davidson Ditch • The Tanana Chiefs Conference • Esther Birdsall Darling • Robert Service • Governors of Alaska * and much more!


The Jan-Feb, 2020 issue of Alaskan History Magazine features a look at the history of Chilkoot Pass and the ages-old trail which crossed it, a vital trade route for the coastal Tlingit Indians, and an access route for prospectors, scientists, military expeditions, explorers and adventurers. Other articles in this issue include a look at the great Davidson Ditch, a 90-mile aqueduct which channeled water from the Chatanika River over hills and across valleys to the rich gold diggings north of Fairbanks; and the famous writer, Ella Rhodes Higginson, who wrote Alaska, The Great Country, published in 1908.

Also in this issue, the historic meeting of the Tanana Chiefs in 1915, “one of the first times that Native voices were part of the official record.” And the author of the beloved children’s book Baldy of Nome, Esther Birdsall Darling, who was also a high society lady from a wealthy California family. This issue concludes with an article about the great Bard of the Yukon, Robert Service, who penned the immortal lines of favorite northern ballads such as The Spell of the YukonThe Shooting of Dan McGrew, and The Cremation of Sam McGee. Included in this issue: Governors of Alaska 1867-1959, antique maps of Alaska, and classic books on Alaskan history, both old and new!