Alaskan History Magazine

Please note: Alaskan History Magazine ceased publication with the July-August, 2021 issue. All 14 issues remain in print, and are available at Amazon.

Alaskan History Magazine, no longer published, was a full-color, ad-free, bimonthly, independently produced magazine sharing stories of the people, places and events which shaped the history and the future of Alaska from prehistory through Statehood. Published by Northern Light Media from 2019 to 2021, there are 14 issues available.

“A wonderful publication outlining the richness of Alaska’s history. A large format magazine with excellent production values, NO ADVERTISING and well researched stories with links to source materials for further reading. Having been an Alaskan since 1965 there are delightful stories that even 50 years of living here had not brought to my attention. Very highly recommended!” ~Amazon review

Available at Amazon