The History of Sled Dogs

The History of Sled Dogs in North America: From the Bering Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, by Helen Hegener and several contributing writers

Now available to order, The History of Sled Dogs in North America, by Helen Hegener and several contributing writers, showcases the history of the working sled dogs which helped shape the future of the North American continent.

This full-color, elegantly illustrated book features historic photographs, illustrations, and beautiful art, such as the splendid “Northwoods Journey” on the cover, by Colorado artist Veryl Goodnight. This one-of-a-kind book will become a landmark reference on the interdependence of men and dogs, from their first steps along the shores of the Bering Sea to the exciting races of New England and eastern Canada in the 1930s.

Included are stories of the great fur trapping and trading empires of the Hudson’s Bay Company, the life-saving Serum Run to Nome in 1925, the great teams of the Arctic explorers, the sled dog teams who served in the military, the intrepid mushers who drove their dog teams thousands of miles for fun and profit, the sled dogs of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the dog teams which delivered the mail from Maine to California and to the farthest reaches of the North! 

The History of Sled Dogs in North America

Softcover paperback printed in full color on premium stock paper, 416 pages, 8.5″ x 11″ format, dozens of b/w and color photographs, images, and artwork, extensively annotated, resources, bibliography, indexed. Published by Northern Light Media. $69.95 plus $6.50 shipping and handling.


About Helen Hegener

Author and publisher, Northern Light Media and Alaskan History Magazine.
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