Nov-Dec Alaskan History

The Nov-Dec issue of Alaskan History Magazine is now available! Articles in this issue cover a wide range of topics:

• Mottram Dulany Ball was a founding father of Alaska, and de facto governor of the territory.

• Alexander Hunter Murray built the stockaded fort and Hudson’s Bay trading post at Fort Yukon.

• The Episcopal Church brought medical services and other comforts to Iditarod and Flat City.

• The Silent City. In 1885 Dick Willoughby brought news that he had discovered a mirage above the Muir Glacier.

• Nellie Cashman, the “Miner’s Angel,” earned the respect of miners from Arizona to Alaska.

• The Alaska Dog Team, 1922: Rand McNally’s guide on how to hire, drive, and care for an Alaskan dogteam.

• The First American Musher in Alaska, by Thom Swan: Robert Kennicott was the first known American to travel via dogteam in Alaska.

Nov-Dec, 2020 Alaskan History Magazine

Order the Nov-Dec issue, sent postage paid, First Class Mail. In this issue: Mottram Delany Ball • History of Fort Yukon • Episcopal Church in Iditarod • The Silent City • Nellie Cashman • 1922 Mushing Guide • The First American Musher in Alaska, by Thom “Swanny” Swan


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Author and publisher, Northern Light Media and Alaskan History Magazine.
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  2. MaryAnn says:

    What stores in the valley have the magazine


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