July-August, 2020

The July-August, 2020 issue is now available to read online at Issuu, and print copies are available for adding to your library collection.

This July-August issue of Alaskan History Magazine features the following articles:

• Septima M. Collis, author of A Woman’s Trip to Alaska, about her historically informative voyage through Alaska’s Inside Passage in 1890.

• Gavriil Andreevich Sarychev, a Russian sea captain who mapped much of the Aleutians. 

• Pioneer Farmers of the Matanuska Valley, the hardy souls who blazed the way in agriculture for south central Alaska.

• SS Dora, the doughty little sailing ship which carried mail, freight and passengers through some of Alaska’s roughest waters for close to half a century.

• C. C. Georgeson, the Special Agent in charge of developing Alaska Agricultural Experiment Stations in Sitka, Kodiak, Rampart, Copper Center and elsewhere.

• Bicycles in Frontier Alaska, telling how two-wheeled adventurers rode in summer and winter, on local trips or journeying across the territory.

Special Feature in this issue: Gov. George Parks’ 1928 Airplane Tour of Alaska

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July-August, 2020

The July-August issue of Alaskan History Magazine, Volume 2, Number 4.


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Author and publisher, Northern Light Media and Alaskan History Magazine.
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