Project Jukebox: Mushing

Banner(resized)_0Project Jukebox is the Digital Branch of the University of Alaska Fairbanks Oral History Program, part of the Alaska and Polar Regions Collections of the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The program was established in 1981 to collect and curate audio and video recordings that relate to various aspects of Alaska’s history and the people who have contributed to its rich heritage. The collection contains over 11,200 individual recordings, including interviews with politicians, pioneers, and Native elders. Key collections include “Alaska Native Songs and Legends,” “Early Day Alaskans,” “The Alaska Native Elders-In-Residence Program,” and “On the Road Recordings with Old Timers.”


Man with gee pole [UAF 1981-11-10]

 “Dog Mushing in Alaska” highlights stories related to the history of dog mushing in Alaska, showcasing historic oral history interviews and incorporating new recordings into the collection. The recordings included in this project represent various aspects of dog mushing, including traditional use, freighting, mail carrying, recreational use, tourism, sled building, trail systems, dog care, and racing.


Dogteam in Nome [UAF 1989-192-26]

Among the interviews are mushing legends such as George Attla and Herbie Nayokpuk, Joe Redington, Sr. and Dr. Roland Lombard, but also many less-well-known but equally interesting interviews with dog drivers like Mary Shields, Grant Pearson, Moses Cruikshank and Effie Kokrine. Photograph slideshows accompany many of the interviews, and related materials include films, terminology, background resources, and websites of interest. The two-fold purpose of the Dog Mushing Project is explained here, and wonderful historic photographs are included throughout.

PROJECT JUKEBOX: Dog Mushing in Alaska



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