Kindle Edition: Alaskan Sled Dog Tales

oie_26184625vRrFCP9H“These trustworthy creatures could be relied upon to do the heavy work, while remaining—as Hegener eloquently reminds us—our most treasured friends.” David Fox, for the Anchorage Press

Alaskan Sled Dog Tales

Alaskan Sled Dog Tales, by Helen Hegener, shares the important history of sled dogs in Alaska, highlighting the adventures of legendary mushers such as Leonhard Seppala, Scotty Allan, and ‘Iron Man” Johnson, and explaining how sled dogs were an integral part of historic events such as the 1925 Serum Run to Nome.

oie_26184754c3fqI885True stories include Alaskan mail carrier Eli Smith’s epic trip to Washington, D.C., Alaska Nellie’s daring rescue of a lost mail carrier, the Rev. Samuel Hall Young’s 1913 trip over the Iditarod Trail, and Territorial Judge James Wickersham’s 1901 dogsled trip down the frozen Yukon River from Eagle to Rampart. Fascinating stories of Alaska’s history as seen from the runners of a dogsled, told by the adventurous souls who made the journeys.

Intrepid explorers and trail-blazers are featured, such as Jujiro Wada, Split-the-Wind, Slim Williams, Father Bernard Hubbard, Mary Joyce, Hudson Stuck, Arthur Treadwell Walden, Ernest de Koven Leffingwell, Scotty Allan, and Leonhard Seppala.

oie_yUBEpZ9TP8u9The history of mushing is shared through stories of the sled dogs who ran in the 1933 Olympics, sled dogs who aided soldiers in the First World War and were decorated as heroes, and the dog teams which rushed hundreds of miles from Nenana to Nome with life-saving diphtheria antitoxin in 1925!

84. Sepp and Togo

Leonhard Seppala & Togo

There are splendid images of dog teams on postcards and magazine covers, the tale of how reindeer almost replaced sled dogs as Alaska’s transportation choice, and the entire booklet by Esther Birdsall Darling showcasing The Great Dog Races of Nome.

The Kindle edition of this 2016 book is formatted as a print replica Kindle book, which maintains the rich formatting and layout of the print edition, while offering many of the advantages of standard Kindle books. Features include a pop-out and linked table of contents, page numbers matching the print edition, the ability to zoom in or pan out on a page, and search, copy, and paste features. Visit the Kindle store on Amazon to preview a sample of the book or to order your own copy today for only $5.99 (Kindle MatchBook $2.99)!



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Author and publisher, Northern Light Media and Alaskan History Magazine.
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