NLM Books at IndieBound

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 11.06.55 AMAll eleven of the books published by Northern Light Media are available at your local independent bookstore or bookseller, easily found through the online search engine at IndieBound, a marketing program of the American Booksellers Association.

IndieBound supports independent bookstores across North America. Simply enter your zipcode and IndieBound will search for and present local independent bookstore addresses, and will also offer an option to purchase the book online. In addition, IndieBound offers the monthly Indie Next List, drawn from bookseller-recommended favorites, epitomizing the heart and soul of passionate bookselling, and the weekly Indie Bestseller Lists, the most current snapshot of what titles are selling in indie bookstores nationwide.




About Helen Hegener

I write nonfiction books about Alaskan history, and my titles currently include The Alaska Railroad 1902-1923, Alaskan Roadhouses, Alaskan Sled Dog Tales, The First Iditarod, The All Alaska Sweepstakes, The Yukon Quest Trail, The Matanuska Colony Barns, and others. You can contact me via email at
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